The picture above shows Amber and some of her siblings in 2013

March 24th 2016 New Puppies 5boys/4girls! 

Table of puppies

Kieran  Kiernan  Kieran Kieran 11 weeks Kieran 11 weeks Kieran 11 weeks Kieran 11 weeks These are all of Kieran
 6-7 Kieran has a home with Debbie!

All dates in Timeline -Long download

April 22 Visit to the Vet

April 23 New Home, Visitors

April 24 Mealtime!

April 27  Grass and sun!

April 28 Play Time

April 30 Visitors

May 3 Visitors and Playtime-Pouncy/Playful/Interactive!

May 6 Visit to Vet -Really active!

May11 Mom and pups

May13 Esther visits - photos by Esther Meeks!

May14 -more photos by Esther


The mother: Amber


The sire: CH Malcolm

malcolm   MalcolmMotion

Heinerburg Shepherds -Info on CH Malcolm

We are so very excited to have CH Malcolm as the sire for this litter!

Cedar Knoll's CH Malcolm v Van Cleve of Heinerburg

CH Malcolm has a gentle nature, is outgoing, is non-aggressive, but is a very good watch dog.

CH Malcolm achievements:

Links and Info on CH Malcolm here:

Here are two recent pictures of Amber amber5  amber7

You will need to choose either the male or female waiting list.

$800/150 deposit (nonrefundable) required for waiting list

Questions:  706-692-7422 [please leave a msg] email preferred

We are located 12 miles east of Jasper, GA -north of Big Canoe

497 Shiloh Rd; East on 136 from Jasper, right on Monument Rd

Map of location

All of the puppies are gorgeous. They are now 9 weeks and ready to go home. I have 1 black and tan male left. All should have great temperaments. And please take note that the puppy price involves many fees and meds and tests and shots and lots of food. And that is all X9 and some fees and meds incurred even before their birth as well as after. Also plenty of blood, sweat and tears and TLC.  And of course the stud fee. 

It was 20 years ago when I bought my first German shepherd. That was with my dog, Raven.  My experience with her influenced me to continue buying German shepherds. My next dog Dayna, is very intelligent and has a wonderful disposition and temperament. The people at her Vet's office really enjoy her friendly manners.  Amber, the mother for this new litter coming up (March 27, 2016) is Dayna's daughter. Her tempermant/intelligence is very similar to Dayna's, and she is extremely agile. She loves to chase the tennis ball.

Make sure to check back often. I will be putting new pictures online regularly once the new pups arrive.

We try to find loving, committed homes.  That is one of the reasons we charge $800/puppy.   Also their pedigrees, especially CH Malcolm, show many champions and titled dogs and some German influence.  They are a mixture of German and American lines.  Amber has been x-rayed and her hips were OFA rated "good," elbows "normal." 

The puppies are born indoors, and remain in my home the first three weeks. When/if the weather is warm enough, we move them to the garage. The puppies are observed carefully for their first 8 weeks which helps us to be able to discuss with each buyer which puppy would be the right fit for their home. Once the puppies are older, we expose them to different environments, such as grass, gravel, water, steps, crates, leashes, etc.

We prefer to allow them to leave home at 8 weeks. Those last couple of weeks are a time for the puppies to socialize more together, which I think is of great benefit toward socializing with other dogs. We also try to socialize them with as many humans as possible (adults and children).

Please research German shepherds before buying.  --The puppy depends totally on you for all his needs. They need lots of love and attention and time and training. The puppy you take home needs exercise every day. Good exercise makes for good behavior. A fenced yard is a very good idea.

It is best to try to match your personality and the questionnaire to the puppies' personality observed by the breeder. The pups are watched frequently and carefully every day so that we can observe each unique trait that one puppy may have compared to the others in the litter. The going home date is at 8 weeks, sometime in May.  Each puppy is different, but we feel their dispositions are best suited for companions/family pets/show dogs.

Please complete the puppy questionnaire. Please print, sign, and mail a copy along with a $150 deposit check (non-refundable) made out to; Gloria Loop. This is your commitment to help insure you pick up the puppy as scheduled and that other potential buyers do not miss out. Puppy choice order is dependent upon the date you deposit is received. We will have 2 separate waiting lists, one for the males and one for the females.

HERE you will find extra pictures from years past and pedigrees. "Dayna" is the pups' grandmother, Jumping Jack Flash is the pups' grandfather. And do not forget Malcolm's pedigree posted above will find it on the link above ...when you see his picture on the webpage, his pedigree is just below it.

HERE is the website from the 2013 litter. 

Here is a questionnaire doc

Here is a questionnaire pdf

Please contact Gloria for questions and mailing address: at  or

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