Sequential List of books read.  I have read an infinity of good books.  There is no end really.  I would love to write a good book....  What could the subject be!! ??  I always wanted to write a dynamite science fiction.....   Maybe I will yet.   (no grade means it has not yet been read)

B Indian Country  Slightly amusing dig at modern day liberal scenario.  The violence probably turns most people off. 
The War of the Three Gods
The Vikings and Their Enemies  Detailed book about weapons, etc.  Have to be really into history to read some of these. 
B The Knights of Bushido   Chronicle of Japanese atrocities in WWII hard to read! Another demo on why Pacific was much worse than Europe.
A 1421- the year China Discovered America Gavin Menzies Completely floored by this book.  Very controversial, but hard to believe there is not a lot of accuracy here. 
The Philosophy Book
C The First Salute A View of the American Revolution Barbara Tuchman Very, very detailed history.  A lot about the Dutch revolt against the Spanish, precursor to the American revolution.
C America's First Civilization Michael Coe  Interesting archaelogical read.  Olmecs, Maya, Aztec and many in between!
A How to Bake Pi - Eugenia Cheng, wonderful read! 
B+ The Dark Valley - Piers Brendan, Extraordinary detail, good reading, read about 1st half.  Had to quit.  100 pages on Italy's invasion of Ethiopia e.g. 

B+ Fierce Patriot - Robert O'Connell,  bio of William Tecumseh Sherman
A murder of Quality - A George Smiley novel John LeCarre
Seveneaves - a novel  Neil Stephenson -- could not get into this.... surprising for Stephenson!
B Measuring the World - a Novel Daniel Kehlmann Novelized story of Humboldt and Gauss
C+ Sleeping Giants  Sylvain Neuvel  interesting concept.
C The Bitcoin Tutorial  Good early explanation, but still very complicated later!
B+ Only Yesterday: An informal History of the 1920s Very good read
The Venitians Paul Strathern
Gallows Thief  Bernard Cornwell
A- Leviathan Wakes James Corey.  First of Expanse books.  very good scifi.  maybe 10% too much.  may not read followup? 
Neptune's Inferno: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal James D. Hornfischer
Amazing detail, couldn't get thru it all.  Unspeakable/unthinkable what happened in the Pacific really....  How did we/my Uncle get thru it!?

C The shape of Ancient Thought 

C Pagans, the End of Traditional Religon

A Out of the Flames: The Remarkable Story of a Fearless Scholar, a Fatal Heresy, and One of the Rarest Books in the World  Wonderful readable story, beginningof printing, reformation.  Fascinating story of deal between Charles V, Pope Leo and the sale of indulgences and how that led to the reformation. 

B+   The Statesman and the Storyteller: John Hay, Mark Twain, and the Rise of American Imperialism  Mark Zwonitzer.  Very detailed, very readable.  America was very imperialistic to Phillipines!! and Cuba!!

Tales from Both Sides of the Brain: A Life in Neuroscience  Michael Gazinaga

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (Incerto)  Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The Norman Conquest: The Battle of Hastings and the Fall of Anglo-Saxon England  Marc Morris

B God's Debris:  A thought experiment  Scott Adams Very interesting.  Some quotable stuff in here.  I should read again. 

C The Shadow of the Wind Carlos Ruiz Zafor sort of Barcelona after WWII.  Interesting if you are Spanish I think.  OK, but I stopped 1/3 way thru

B The Ruin of the Roman Empire James O'Donnell  Incredible incredible detail.  Where/how can they get all this is amazing!  I drowned in the detail, had to stop. 

B  The Great Movies  Roger Ebert
A  Charlemagne Richard Winston  A wonderful, short history of Charlemagne.  I really never understand his prominence.  Wow.  Perfect sense that he was crowned Holy Roman emperor at the time.
The Art of Betrayal  Gordon Corera

B+  Sextant: A Young Man's Daring Sea Voyage and the Men Who Mapped the World's Oceans  David Barrie Very nice history of use of astrolabe, sextant, chronometer.  Some wonderful tales. 

A The Great Siege: Malta 1565 Ernie Bradford  Wonderful history.  Knights of Malta moved from ?? to here.  Held on in spite of overwhelming Muslim forces. 

B Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea.  Amazing.  Hard to believe the world puts up with this place.  People are totally indoctrinated.  Worse than Stalinist state.

B+ A Young Man's Daring Sea Voyage and the Men who mapped the World's Oceans.   Wonderful read in parts.  Understand now how chronometer was good, but didn't really solve longitude problem.

C 1945 Year of Decision by Harry Truman.  Read most of first half for feeling on RUssia, A bomb. Decent read, little pedantic?  detailed!

B+ The Fall of Japan William Craig.  Very interesting story of final half year or so. 

The Bat Jo Nesbo Got about half way thru.  Not bad, but not good enough to spend time on

B+ Thermopolyae Ernie Bradford  Very nice history of greek-persian wars.  Never knew about Sicily invasion.

B+ The Czars James Duffy History I have never read.  Very interesting.  Endless emperors, stories, tales

The Quantum Rules

Spies, Sadist and Sorcerers Dominic Selwood

C The Sword of Moses Dominic Selwood - can be a good read...  but I did not finish. I feel like I have read this book a dozen times somewhere else.

A With Wings Like Eagles - a History of the Battle of Brittain.  Michael Korda.  Wonderful wonderful history. 

A Marching Orders -Magic and Ultra.  Bruce Lee.  Incredible page after page detail of the use of Ultra and Magic in WWII.  Amazing stuff. Not sure I can finish this, scanning it. 

B The Map that Changed the World-William Smith By Simon Winchestor.  Didn't finish, but got a good feel.  First guy to understand geology/earth's structure.  1800 England! 

B All My Sins Remembered  Joe Haldeman.  SciFi.  I think I could lke Joe Haldeman.

A 1453 -The Holy War for constantinople.  Roger Crowley Fascinating detail, very well written and readable. 

B The Atomic Times  Personal story of a guy who was a GI forced to witness the A-bomb tests on Eniwetok Island 1951.  Interesting, not sensational

C Killing Orders  V.I. Warshawski  Not bad detective story. 

B Dr M's SevenX Plan -- trying to learn about gut health.  Got probiotic yogert and melatonin. 

A Empires of the Sea Roger Crowley.  Amazing that they can get this kind of detail. 16th century Mediterranean. 

A The Man from Beijing  Henning Mankel - the Wallander author.  Very good read, still not sure why he killed all these people tho..

B Red Flag Girl - China during the cultural revolution.  Could not complete, too depressing.  This girl is maybe 10 years younger than me.  China could have been like N Korea if Mao had had children to rule after him.  So depressing.  You really appreciate America/West as a special place compared to most of the world.   Reminds me of when I tried to read a Mao biography.  I had to stop some ways in.  I could not finish a book which simply described a thug and his success. 

B+ Manic Teri Cheney.  Hard to put this book down.  Her writing is stream of consciousness.  Not a single filter between her thots and writing. 

B+ The Forever War Joe Haldeman  Sci FI future.  Interesting slant on future.  Never encountered Haldeman before!

The Puzzle Palace  -James Bamford.  Incredible detail on NSA/FBI up to, after 9/11.  Didn't read all.  Read last chapters. NSA in GA, Denver

B The Adventure of English  Melvin Bragg pretty good read. 

A Atomic Accidents - Amazing book full of details.  I scanned some of this, glossing over the incredible detail, but read with sustained interest some of the sections. 

B A Good Man in Africa  William Boyd.  I read "Any Human Heart" and watched series.  Loved that --this not quite up to that, but good.

C Single and Single  John Le Carre  I should go back and read his George Smiley series, see if I still love them. 

B Tox-sick   Suzanne Somers  Often overstated, but there is a lot of truth in here.

B Fallen Dragon - Peter Hamilton.  Read this many years ago.  Good read.  Should read more of his books. 

B+ Viking Storm  Quite a decent read.  King Alfred battle of Ethandun.  Same period of history as Bernard Cornwell's saga

A Look me in The Eyes  John Robison  Asperger's -- wonderful outrageous, hard to believe some of these tales!

A Ordinary Heroes Scott Turow  EXCELLENT, basically a love story but LOTs of WWII details, sadness.  Dynamite twist! 

Possible Gods Vox Day

A The Last Kingdom First of Series by Bernard Cornwell.  Exellent, will probably read others. 

B+ Hammer of God Arthur C. Clarke.  Written in 1993, still quite prescient.  How did I miss this book? 

A Outlaw Platoon Sean Parnell, Closest you will probably get to what actually goes/went on over there in Astan!  Excellent, kinda disturbing also.  "Viper Pilot" on the ground. 

B- Memory Man  Dan Baldacci - tried this, have not read any Baldacci yet.  Started out as A-, went to B-

The Universe  John Brockman of the

Some Strangeness in the Proportion -Einstein birth centennial conference.  1984 in Princeton.  Read parts of this. 

B+ To Explain the World  Steven Weinberg.  Better than most popularizations.

Crippled America  Donald Trump  No wonder Trump is triumphing!

C+  The Body Farm Jefferson Bass OK.  Typical bashing tho :-( 

B In search of Schroedinger's cat  by John Gribbon. Older, but quiet good explain.

A Thomas Jefferson (Eminent Lives) by Christopher Hitchens. 

C Blood Music Greg Bear.  Sorta like Nexus.  I have read many of Greg Bear's books.

B Zigzag  - wonderful story about British double agent.   Amazing they can get so much detail about a life!!

A The Demon in the Freezer  Richard Preston.  Author of Hot Zone.  Story of Snallpox.  Frightening stuff. 

World Order  Henry Kissinger  Started

The Third Man Grahamn Greene.  Started

A Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness  by William Styron.  Excellent.

Dark Thieves Sarah Hoyt.  Have not read any sarah Hoyt.  Probably should!  Read sample.  Pop science fiction, entertaining.

A The Martian - engrossing, probably nerdy because it is al calculated. I can predict it tho. 

C Nexus  Ramus Naam  -- well, I think all popular books are like this these days.  Grist for Movie.  I finished it, but just barely.

A Not my Father's Son -- biography by Alan Cumming.  Excellent reading. 


C  Eternity Road Jack McDivitt SF book.. All his books are readable, with occasional good parts

C+  Crack99  Interesting.  The Chinese really have stolen their future from us. 

B Black Moon Rising  The fifth of the Ross Poldark series.  Starting to be less.  Quite readable/wonderful in parts, but i think it is wearing.

B The Legacy of Sparta  Looks very interesting, but very expensive.  I read the example download

B+ Warleggin  The fourth of the Ross Poldark series.  Still pretty good. 

B+ Hotel Moscow Very good take on Russia pre/post 1994

B- The Rock  Bob Mayer  Started out pretty good, but turned into normal SF.

B The Lake of Darkness  Interesting read.  Wanted to read a Ruth Rendel.  Good, but pretty dark stuff. 

A Sir Francis Drake  Wonderful detailed bio of Sir Francis Drake.  Nelson 200 years earlier!!

B Pirate Latitudes Michael Crichton.  So so MIchael Crichton.  But still...  How does he get all these details!!! 

C The BellWether  So so....   As in "bellwether sheep" 

A Jeremy  Third of Poldark Books  Still Wonderful story.  Ross on trial. 

A Demelza   Second of Poldark books.  Wonderful characterization.  Gloria has read all 15 books. 

A Word of Honor Nelson DeMille.  Very readable account of My-Lai like massacre and the court martial. 

B Disaster   Mind numbing complete list of natural and human disasters.  See just how evil man has been to his fellow man.  Esp Stalin, Mao! 

A One for the Money  Stephanie Plum book #1  Janet Evanovitch.  Funny funny funny.  Good escape lit.  New Jersey girl becomes a "bounty hunter" I see there is a movie of this!!

A Poldark -- Ross Poldark.   Very good read/writing.  I will probably read the rest of these.  "I'm a good scrubber"

B Viper Pilot  Fascinating insight into fighter jock psyche.  Top Gun real life.  You may hate these people, but they protect our liberties. 

A Charm School  Nielson DeMille.  Wonderful dialog.  LOL at times!  Great feeling for Soviet/old Russia.   Spy story from 1988.  Never met a woman quite like Lisa! 

Crypto  Steven Levy. Rereading this from many years ago.  Excellent history of Public Key, RSA, DES, clipper, etc  dated 2001

The Perfect Wave  -- discussion about all things neutrino.  Interesting.

Solaris  Wonderful scifi written in 1960's  Basis of, but not much like movie.  I REALLY enjoyed the (new) movie too "Am I alive or am I dead?"  [in the movie, NOT the book!]

C+ Song of Achilles  Decent read, but from a different perspective than I would have liked. 

A   American Lightning   Great read. Early 20th century America scandal.  Labor vs capital, Darrow, Burns and Griffith

 C   Marco Polo  Reminds me of Seven Pillars of Wisdom.  Lots of Geography.  Interesting.  Did not finish tho. 

Hallucinations  I was expecting a little more.  Didn't finish

B+  Ancient Shores  July, Another Jack McDivitt novel 

A The Perfect Theory  Excellent intro to history of general relativity.  Readable!

C   Seconds to Disaster About Airline safety

C    FreeMasons History of FreeMasons, etc.  Very scattered. Did not finish

B+   Complications Excellent, about doctors and cases

B    Corelli's Mandolin Excellent, somewhat drawn out.

C    Midworld Alan Dean Foster Novel.....  so so

A   Kepler's Witch Excellent, Mind numbing detail taken from journals.

 B   TopGun Days Good entertainment

 B   Stalin's Gold London during WWII

 B   An Unquiet Mind Personal History of Depression 

 B   Prince's Gate London during WWII

 B   The Center cannot Hold Personal history of Psychosis

 C+   The Breath of God Interesting, Jesus in India

 C  Marco Polo Short, good

 B   Thunderstruck Excellent, Marconi history

 B+   The Psalter Very Good.  Pope Joan?

 QED: The Theory of Everything  Readable explanation of Quantum Electrodynamics. 

 A   Airframe Excellent, one of Michael Crichton's best

 A   Nelson: The Essential hero Excellent.  The world would be a different place without Nelson and Churchill. 


 B+   A Conspiracy of Paper London 17th century, interesting

3001 Arthur C Clark

B Spymistress London WWII

Lest Darkness Fall   Little light for my tastes.   Didn't finish.

B   Omega Jack McDivitt novel

B   Lucretia Borgia  Interesting middle ages

B   Prey Michael Crichton

B+  Unbroken True story, almost unbearable

B  Chindi Jack McDivitt novel

B  Deep Six Jack McDivitt novel

B+ Micro Michael Crichton

B+ Engines of God Jack McDivitt

B+  The Name of the Rose  Middle ages, life in a monastery

B  Fall of Giants  Good read, but not "high class"

A  The Name of the Rose 

B  A Place of Execution

A  The Devil in the White City

A- In the Garden of the Beasts

B+  The Unbearable Lightness of Being

A  The Age of Wonder 

B  Einstein His Life and Times

A  The Intellectuals   EXCELLENT book by Paul Johnson.  Love Paul johnson.

B  Einstein in Berlin

B  Newton and the Counterfitters

A Los Alamos  Joseph Kanon

A The Good German Joseph Kanon

B Stardust Joseph Kanon

B Leaving Berlin Joseph Kanon